Available courses

Review material for the 2024 Paramedic Promotional Process

Boston EMS Recruit Class 2024-1 Online Resources, study assignments and presentation repository

Collection of required didactic material and courses that must be completed by department members returning from long-term absence

Boston EMS Recruit Class 2021-2 Online Resources, study assignments and presentation repository

Online components to be completed by attendees of the Cycle 3 In-Service Training

NCCP 2016 Model for Paramedic Providers

Resource repository for the 2023 Paramedic Internship

This library is provided as a quick reference review resource for the various equipment/protocols that Boston EMS utilizes.  This section is provided solely for review purposes and viewing the videos within do not constitute course completion, cannot be used for continuing education credit and are ineligible for compensation requests

Online CPR Didactic Material and exam

The BinaxNOW™ COVID–19 Ag Card is a rapid antigen test for detecting active infections of COVID-19. The BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag Card test has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).*

Online Paramedic Vaccinator Didactic Sessions

Please note, this training is for ALS Certified Department Members Only, and is NOT part of the COVID Vaccinator Training.

Spring 2024 ALS NCCR


This is the online component for the Cycle 6 In-Service Training.

Please remember that your time logged in is being tracked and that certain elements require that you spend a minimum amount of time logged into that activity to receive credit.

2021 Cycle 1 In-Service Training Content

Please note that ALL components must be completed to receive credit.  Each component is compiled in a SCORM package which monitors your progress in real time and will allow you to leave the presentation and then pick up where you left off upon returning to the site.  Each slide, and the course overall, is timed so that you must listen to the audio that plays, or you will not receive credit for the course.

Please make sure that you continue to the final slide of each presentation to ensure that you receive credit for the course.  There will be a message that tells you that you can safely exit from the course.


The learning management software is NOT compatible with the Safari (Apple) Browser.  Please use Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge or Firefox.

You may or may not receive a completion checkmark when you finish a lesson.  This is a known problem that will be resolved in future sessions.  As long as you have successfully completed the lesson, you will receive credit.

A collection of information regarding the rollout of the new Metro E-PCR system.  

Online resources for the TeleBEST program

Boston EMS Recruit Class 2021-2 Online Resources, study assignments and presentation repository

Online Resources for Recruit Class 2022-1

COVID Vaccine overview and Vaccinator Information

Video Tutorials of basic course functions within Moodle for Instructors

Various videos prepared for/during the COVID-19 intial response period

Troubleshooting Video for Stryker Power Load System